Octavian Rusu


i do independent research in high-performance computing and machine learning. interested in physics, especially QFT and the spin-statistics theorem, decoding retinal ganglion cells, etc.


~~.2024 > efficient 2D convolutions on the Zen 2 microarchitecture
02.2024 > vectorizing a gotoBLAS/BLIS 8x8 sgemm kernel
04.2021 > using ANNs to decode retinal ganglion cell encoding


ongoing projects

tensorlib : general purpose tensor library with AVX-256 vectorization. Built to search for the adequate abstractions needed to have full control over generated asm and generalize everything else. No dependencies.

capable of:


older projects

Mixed Reality Computer Vision : Simultanious Localisation and Mapping computer vision library capable of monocular/binocular environment mapping and position tracking from a live video feed or recorded videos.

opendataset : collaborative dataset creation and source control

enginehmw : procedural game engine with OpenGL rendering